I Can't Believe It's Not Gambling GOTY Edition

You probably have already heard about Steam, if you haven’t used it already. And if you know Steam, you will know that once in a while there will be a goofy little game getting on Steam that it probably shouldn’t by the look of it. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling (GOTY Edition) is one of those games.
While media and players are still highly criticizing the microtransaction system in Star Wars: Battlefront II, a development studio in California has already developed a game that mimics the loot box system not only in Star Wars: Battlefront II, but in modern games in general.
The game itself is not that highly playable and replayable as it is just a simple unboxing simulator. The main thing you need to do in this game is to open loot boxes of different levels and try to complete collections of different levels. The unboxing animation is definitely a parody of Overwatch’s unboxing animation.
There will be different tiers of items that you can get: common, uncommon, rare and legendary. They are all completely cosmetic only. For each item you get from loot boxes, you can either choose to keep it or sell it. If you choose to keep it, it will be added into your collection. If you choose to sell it, it will be removed, and you will get corresponding amount of in-game currency back. You can only keep items that you do not currently have in your collection. However, whether an item is in your collection or not, you can sell it if you get it from a loot box. In fact, even if you added an item into your collection, you can go into your collection and sell it from there.
In order to open loot boxes, you need currency. Luckily, you do not need to sacrifice your cash to achieve it in this game. If you find yourself short of currency and do not want to sell what you currently have in your collection, you can also play a minigame called Not BF II to earn currency. Yes, a minigame inside this little goofy game.
What is Not BF II? You probably already guessed what this name is trying to scoff at. But essentially this is just Snake with pickup items being weird shapes and the snake is a whale. The longer you last in this game and the more items you pick up, the more currency you will earn. Each level of loot box also has a new level for this minigame, so you won’t be bored too quickly.
After playing this game for almost 3 hours I am able to get most achievements completed, which, for this game, means that I am able to complete all collections that shipped with this game. The image above shows all achievements that I didn’t get. Most of them are involved with Christmas loots that were added just a few days ago. Their drop rates are so ridiculously low that it’s gonna take me a lot of time to collect all of them. And the first achievement is just simply opening 100,000 loot boxes. As you can see I have opened 585 so there is still a long way to go, if I ever decided to go.
Like I said in the beginning, the game itself is not highly playable and probably won’t attract lots of people. If you are not a big fan of opening loot boxes and supply drops in other games, you probably won’t like this one. However, if you do enjoy opening loot boxes in other games (just like me) and you have the OCD for achievements, then this one probably can hook you up for a bit. There is, however, a price to pay. 1 dollar. Not much, but still a price.
This game, unlike most games for entertainment, is not focusing on the gameplay. The main point is on those thoughts after playing the game. The only reason you will be able to open hundreds and thousands of loot boxes in this game is that those are free, and you can obtain the in-game currency for free. Imagine opening those loot boxes in other games and thinking about how much money you will waste makes me somehow terrified. I think another thing this game did a good job at is teaching us no matter how many items we get in games, they will always be in games and thus have no actual values. (We are not talking about CS:GO here but the drop rate of good items there is so low you would be better off just purchasing them directly from the market.) Moreover, after playing for a while, I started to not care what I got out of those loot boxes, the only action I had was to keep things I didn’t have and sell things that I already had. I lost the purpose of opening loot boxes by opening loot boxes. I am glad that I learned it from this game by spending free virtual currency instead of from another game that requires me to spend real money.
Final Verdict: 7/10